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Follow these simple stages of a web site quote. It will help you understand what is required for a website and it will help us understand what you are requiring for YOUR website.
1 : A Domain Name
Do you already have an existing domain name?

No Yes

If you answered 'Yes', what is your domain name?

2 : Web Hosting
When your domain is setup, it needs to point to a location on the Internet which showcases your web site. This is called a web Host. Much like a street address describes a location of an actual house.

Do you already have an existing web host set up?

No Yes

If you answered 'No', or you would like to change your web host, please select a plan below:

  Plan Monthly Cost Monthly Storage Monthly Traffic
Lite $20 30MB 3GB
Standard $50 1GB 25GB
Heavy $120 5GB 60GB
All our web hosting come a mysql database

3 : Web Site Features
Here is where RED 5 begins to operate. Once you have a domain name and a place to host your website, you now need some content to be displayed on the page and varying degrees of interaction to get your own customers involved; just like you are with this page.

Think about what you'd like to achieve with and select the features from below. Your basic package starts off with 5 static pages. From there you can add further features and expand it into a full blown portal for your customers.

Newsletter subscription*
Feedback submission form
Membership subscription*
Member email mail-outs*
Online Product Database
Shopping Cart*
Administration forms*
Quote Form
* requires a database
4 : Your Contact Details
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Contact Name:
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5 : Further Information