:: Things To Think About..
Help Every Step of the Way
RED5 work closely with you to make sure the journey to getting your business or product online is as easy as possible. You never have to be afraid of "not understanding this web stuff" because that's our job. Along the way, you may even learn a thing or two.

The first thing you need to know is that there's more to getting on the web than just building a site and hoping people will visit. To get you started, here are some things you need to think about:
1 : Consultation
As easy as it would be to say to you: "Sure we can build you a website, we'll have one ready in a week!" odds are that the website would be unlikely to suit your needs or your budget. That's why we like to find out as much as possible about you and your products, your competition, what you would like to achieve with your site and what you can afford to invest in your presence in both time and money. Only then do we go off and commence building a site which reflects your needs and style.
2 : Domain Name
For all online ventures, careful consideration should be given to what your domain name (your internet address) will be. Of course, the simpler and closer to your actual business name the better, and the more likely that your customers - and new customers as well - will be able to find and remember you. For example, if your business is called "Reflex Sports", your ideal domain name would be www.reflexsports.com.au. Unfortunately, many generic or popular names are already taken in both the ".com" and ".com.au" domains, but unique business names are more likely to be available.
3 : Designing and Building Your Site
Designing a website is just one step in a process of being a part of the web. Naturally though, this is the part that most people would be familiar with in one way or another, whether it's from looking at an online resource such as their personal banking, getting free personal webspace with their internet provider or even checking out what your competition is doing! With all the important information gathered from the consultation, electronic files or printed media of your artwork at hand, this step involves the design of a site style to your specifications. Graphic elements are created, a database is tied in (if required), navigation is streamlined and speed is maximised to ensure a pleasant experience for your visitors.
4 : Web Hosting
You've built the site, registered your domain name, now what do you with them? This is where web hosting comes into the equation. Web Hosts provide the computer space for you to store your website and domain name and make them visible to the World Wide Web. There are so many different options for your hosting needs that it could take entire website to list them. To save you the trouble, if you need RED5 to source the web host for your site, we always go to the one reliable place. We've found that they can provide for all our needs and are fast, cheap and dependable.
5 : Ongoing Support/Advice
Once the site is up and running, it's eventual that you might wish to make changes or additions to keep the design fresh, or expand the usability for your clients. Rather than 'take the money and run', RED5 believe that much like your own business, the important thing is to take care of existing customer needs. We can offer Support/Maintenance for your completed site long after we've finished, and even ongoing advice on how best to utilise its potential more fully in a changing market.
6 : Telling the World
At the end of the day, there's no point building a fast, informative and attractive website, get a catchy domain name, host it with a reliable provider and offer all sorts of web driven services, if no-one knows you're on the web at all! Many people will charge you exorbitant prices to list your site with Search Engines as a be-all and end-all solution, but at best, this is only a partial solution. We consider your existing market to be the best start in announcing your web presence. Company stationery, such as letterheads, business cards, "with comps" slips, invoices, promotional material and so on, should all have your new web business domain name printed on them. This will ensure that your existing client base will be alerted to your website first.
  As you can now see, there's more to getting on the web than just building a site and hoping for the best. RED5 are equipped to handle the whole process for you and let you go about the business of running your business.
Remember: We're here to help you get caught up in the web, not caught out by it.