:: Do I need a website?
Imagine being able to open your business around the clock, accept international orders, sell your product without salespeople, expose your art to a massive worldwide audience, let people browse your latest catalogue whenever they want, view your latest editorial update moments after you write it and give you feedback all from the comfort of their homes and offices.

In a nutshell, that is what the single greatest benefit of the internet is. The web can be an exciting new extension of your current enterprise that can open new doors, expose you to new markets and give you the competitive edge.

The big question is:Should you join the web revolution?

RED5 believe the answer is always a resounding "YES!". However, to what level of commitment you take the plunge is another matter entirely. It all depends on whether your business/product or endeavour will benefit from the investment. Will it grab a corner of the market in a sometimes already crowded environment? Can you offer something new and fresh? Can you commit yourself to providing up-to-date and valuable information and services?

Today, there's a growing army of people hungry for instant access to current information and products and they have little tolerance for slow, confusing, redundant and useless websites. Itís not too hard to see that many failed and long-forgotten websites are a result of companies feeling the need to jump on the internet bandwagon without giving the process much more thought other than "I NEED to be on there NOW!" Done properly, a well utilised website can improve customer loyalty, boost referrals, and increase repeat visits. Done poorly, and you have another victim of the "Me TOO!" phenomenon that plagued early failed websites.

So we've established that you should take the step and get on the web, but careful consideration must be given to the type of site you wish to establish. Perhaps all you require is an attractive online brochure to announce your product or advertise your business. If your information isnít going to change regularly, or you just wish to make the important details of your business Ė such as location, services, or even your restaurant menu Ė then this may serve your needs best while keeping costs low.

If you want to sell your product online, then an e-commerce site is the next step. This requires greater investment and more time to develop, but the ongoing running costs are low and the format may give you the edge over a competitor yet to take this step.If making information available for the public (or even just your registered members) is your priority, then a website with database driven backend to enable quick and easy updating of records and information is your answer.

Remember, these are just an idea of a few solutions that may fit your needs. RED5 can help steer you in the right direction, and make sure that you have what you need to reap the rewards and enjoy your experience.