: About RED5
:: Past
RED5 have been a part of the Internet industry for over 10 years.  in that time we have gathered experience in web design, graphic design, image manipulation, User Interface Design, aesthetics and process flow - all the things that make a website simple, intuitive and attractive to the end user.

:: Present
Focussed on internal development, intranet and graphic design for much of this time for respective employers, it has been only recently that RED5 have decided to apply their knowledge to the broader internet community as a commercial venture.

RED5 believe that a professional and cost-effective solution which encourages and allow change to occur easily on a webpage should be a driving force behind website creation. We have found that one major factor stopping people from returning to a website is out of date content. Daily news, weekly quotes, a newsletter, a new promotion, an editorial, all these things give character and value to a web page, more so than an attractive image, flash animations or a colourful background could.

We have prepared our own custom features, driven from a solid and stable database backend that can easily be integrated into an existing web page or used when designing a new web presence for a company/business/personal endeavour. It could take as little as one dynamic feature to emphasize the essential characteristic of your web presence, and really make that all-important initial impact on the next person to visit your page.

::Our Aim
We help you get caught up in the web, not caught out by it.

::RED 5 - What's in a name?
Many people ask what's behind calling the company RED5. If you were a Star Wars fan looking on the internet for information quite a few years back, you would most likely come across www.red5.net.au. Back then, it was actually one of the most popular resources for news and trivia on the Star Wars phenomenon. Being a huge fan of the series, Steve Koukoulas (the owner of RED5) naturally named the site and his business RED5, after the call sign for Luke Skywalker in the films. Also being a fan of Formula 1 racing, it was a happy co-incidence that the number was used by Steve's favourite Formula 1 driver, Nigel Mansell. So there you go, RED5 isn't such a strange name after all.