Web Sites

The Frog Collection
The “Frog Collection” is a series of limited edition Fine Art Motorsport prints, created by world renowned artist Michael Wright. Available for the first time, and exclusively through the this website, visitors and discerning collectors will have the opportunity to safely and securely purchase these magnificent artworks online using credit cards. As well as serving as a shopping cart system, the site will also operate as an online gallery of the artwork, as well as an online password protected database serving up an ownership registry/history for the prints which are purchased.


Any research into RED5 could begin and end with DVDnet. This site has been a labour of love for over 5 years for everyone involved. Starting as a simple database driven online DVD info storage facility, it has evolved into a fully fledged review website that is highly regarded among the Australian movie industry.

The extensive and information intensive website is driven by a mysql database with a perl CGI front-end that is endlessly and effortlessly reconfigurable. All code has been written from scratch by RED5 and is constantly tweaked to handle the constant large volumes of reader traffic while producing better performance without the need to upgrade servers or databases.

Main custom features include:

  • User registration/membership
  • Electronic postcard facility
  • Registered users voting for their favorite movies
  • statistics reporting on voted movies
  • administration section for:
    - adding/updating/editing titles and reviews
    - adding news reports
    - monitoring traffic
  • daily news facility
  • newsletter facility
  • log and statistics reporting
  • banner rotation and advertising
  • real-time updating of ALL details online - no need for DB shutdown enabling transparent site updating

Compass Security
With over 20 years of experience under their belts, Compass Security was an inevitable direction for two men looking to step out in their own joint venture.

Revival From Down Under Inc.
Revival From Down Under is a new church that has started out in the Eastern Suburbs of Victoria.

Apart from a presence on the web, one of the main features on this site is a bible search facility that allows the visitor to search for a specific word in the bible or go directly to a particular book, chapter and verse.

Macedon Lodge PTY LTD
When Macedon Lodge was to be unveiled to the public, they required a web presence to do two things:
  • Promote their facilities to the general public and horse enthusiast,
  • Provide the owners of the horses residing at the Lodge with updated detailed reports of race results and performances.

RED5 developed a database driven backend which allowed easy updating of horse reports for owners, maintaining simplicity in the administration design to enable updates to be easily entered live into the system, while still being functional and attractive.

Main database driven custom features include:

 - Detailed horse add/delete/update facility
   for the administrators
 - news facility
 - newsletter facility
 - statistical analysis of horse performance